By enrolling in a Conservatory Program, you agree to the following policies:

AGREEMENT TO HOLD HARMLESS: It is understood that theatre is a risky endeavor, and that participants will be engaged in a variety of activities which have the potential to result in injury. While every effort is made to ensure the safety of all participants, we cannot be responsible for injuries incurred in the normal course of rehearsing, performing, playing or other participation in our programs. By registering for this program, you agree to hold harmless Windy City Music Theatre, a division of Windy City Conservatory for Performing Artists (LLC), also known as Windy City Performs – including its teachers, staff, and officers –  against all claims, costs, losses, damages, recoveries, settlements and expenses of any nature or kind which may be incurred by participation in camp/class activities at any of our locations, or while traveling or engaging in activities at outside locations including the Jefferson Memorial Park during camps, or the Jefferson Playhouse during tech weeks, rehearsals, and/or performances.


By enrolling in a Conservatory Program, you agree to the following policies:

TIMELY PAYMENT:  We rely on families to make timely payments on tuition in order to provide adequate staff and resources to our programs.  Families who have not made timely payments (or made suitable arrangements) by the published deadlines may be dropped from class, with no refund.  Students with outstanding balances may be excluded from final performances, and a hold may be placed on future enrollments until payment has been received.

FINANCIAL AID: Financial aid awards of up to 66% are available. We try to help everyone who needs it, but applying earlier ensures you the best chance of getting the highest award.  Families who receive financial aid are asked to volunteer a minimum of 2-4 hours during the semester in which financial aid is awarded.

CANCELLATION: We reserve the right to cancel a class if enrollment is insufficient. We will attempt to re-assign student to a suitable alternative. If this is not possible, any tuition paid will be refunded in full. We will attempt to notify students of cancellation via email or phone at least 5 days before class start date.

ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and rehearsals on time. Repeated absences without prior notification may result in dropping the student, redistributed roles or lines for the show, or removal from the program.

For the Teen Company, Youth Company and Mainstage programs, there are no excused absences during Tech & Dress Rehearsal week, and for those programs, students who miss more than 15% of regular rehearsals during any session may be dropped from the cast or have their parts reassigned, with no refund. This decision is at the sole discretion of the Artistic Director, who will weigh extenuating circumstances and make decisions based on what is best for the entire ensemble and the quality of the program, with no appeal.

BEHAVIOR: Disruptive or disrespectful behavior is not tolerated and may result in time-out from class/rehearsal, parent conference, behavior contract and/or removal from the class and/or our programs indefinitely. Withdrawals based on discipline or lack of participation are non-refundable. We do not tolerate: Hate speech, bullying, hitting or other inappropriate physical contact, vandalism, or disrespect to our staff or volunteers.

CASTING: Our Youth Company and Teen Company and Level 3-4 Schoolsite programs use an educational “try-on” process to assign roles after getting to know the participants and learning about their strengths, experience, goals and sense of teamwork. Our teachers have many, many years of casting shows in a way that supports learning and challenges actors to grow artistically and personally. Our philosophy is to have actors on stage as much as possible (not sitting backstage for long periods of time), so many times, children are assigned multiple roles. All artistic and educational decisions – including casting – are subjective, and students/parents may not always agree with our decisions; however, we ask parents to support their child’s development by helping them understand the process and helping them embrace the challenges they are given and put their best foot forward, regardless of role. All casting decisions are final – no exceptions.

LOST ITEMS: We are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen personal belongings.

USE OF IMAGES: We have absolute rights and permission to use, publish and/or copyright photographs and/or video of participants for marketing purposes without compensation to all students in our programs. Enrollment in this program is consent for use of and waiver of any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy that may be created with said photographs. Families who do not wish to have photos published must notify the Company in writing in advance.

TOUCHING POLICY: Because of the physical nature of theatre, music and dance, in the course of teaching and rehearsing, instructors or other students may lightly touch your child. Examples may include (but are not limited to): shaking hands, patting on the back, stage fighting, adjusting foot/arm/chin/hand positions in choreography, and creating ensemble shapes in exercises. However, we recognize that some students may not be comfortable with touching. If you or your child wish our instructors and students to refrain from touching, please let the lead instructor or office staff know in advance of the class beginning.

E-MAIL COMMUNICATION: Our primary method of communication is email. We will send reminders, newsletters, invoices, receipts, and other important correspondence via the email address you provide upon registration. If you are not receiving our notes, please check your spam filter, or contact us to update your information. We cannot be responsible for missed communication due to out-of-date email addresses, unchecked email, or spam filtered email.

REFUND POLICY FOR WITHDRAWALS: Because demand is high, and our teachers and other resources are contracted well in advance of our programs, we must enforce a strict withdrawal/refund policy. For regular schoolyear programs, tuition is refundable, minus a $100 administrative charge, until 14 days prior to the start of the Session. Withdrawals received between less than 14 days before class begins will be assessed the entire deposit amount, usually 33-50% of the tuition.  Withdrawals received after the Session begins are non-refundable. There will be no exceptions to this policy.


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